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A new way to work with
SQL Server DMVs

In my early SQL Server days, I only looked at static results of DMVs. I executed the same queries serval times to get new values and build temp tables manually to store and compare the results. Sometimes I exported the collected data to Excel or PowerBI to produce a visual representation of the data. It was annoying and disturbing to get the most from the potential of DMVs.

It was time to create a handy flexible tool to get instant results from data management views and functions without paying attention to all the annoying nitty-gritty details to collect data.

[Sascha Lorenz]

QueryMate enables my DMV queries to become alive. 

QueryMate follows a simple usage pattern. First of all, you create a DMV in the environment of your choice. Then you execute it in QueryMate and get an instant live view of the repeating results. QueryMate runs your query serval times in a minute, stores the result sets automatically and produces a live chart. If it is necessary, QueryMate also calculates the difference between results.


QueryMate is technically a Windows application, which connects to your or your customers' SQL Server.

QueryMate is a useful tool for the worldwide SQL Server community. There is no paid license or a monthly subscription.

At the moment, frankly, please be patient.
For months QueryMate has been only a internal tool, so I have to tune something up to make it publicly available.